Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Journal Background..

AsalamalaikumWaRahMatAllahWaBarakatu :)

Greetings and Salutations of Peace from the depths of my Heart and Soul :)

I am not one of those people who usually keeps a journal or diary when travelling. Despite being told to note experiences onto paper I didn’t take heed to my lecturers’ advise. That was when I first travelled abroad as an adult about 7 years ago. I have always been a bit dubious about keeping diaries since my personal understanding is that an experience cannot be written about, simply because it is experienced. It is embedded within time; a certain moment which doesn’t come twice.

The reason for keeping this journal has been to reflect as oppose to capture a moment. For I still believe that my journal has not been able to fully convey how my spirit has been influenced in the matter of these 7 days.

The intention for sharing this journal is to humbly share the blessings of God Almighty that we have received. InshaAllah.

My travel partner is referred to as ‘companion’ throughout the journal. All text was written whilst on travels, some minor edits (additions) have been included for clarification to the reader. I am not a writer or poet, and this is neither a poem nor a story, just the dreams of a dreamer.

We are all travellers on our way to the celestial origins where we belong.

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, Duas from the camel owner

* The journal entries will be blogged every couple days starting from tomorrow InshaAllah, please check for updates :)

InshaAllah=God Willing

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