Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Artfeed: 'Ya Rab' By Visual Dhikr

Ruh’s recent piece 'Ya Rab' (Oh Lord) made me think of one word: simplicity.

Only a few simple strokes yet the embodiment of a deeper process of thinking, feeling and realising. 

This image appeared on my FB feed at a time when all else was related to the recent escalation of violence in Palestine. It was a well timed reminder that only to our Creator can we turn in times of turmoil. Turmoil, be it personal, communal or universal. 


Like those strokes, the act of calling is so simple yet so much more complicated at times. This may be due to our perception of life, or even how we should be in order to invoke this simple call for help. 

For me this is the purpose of Islamic Art, and specifically Islamic Calligraphy: the highest form of it. For centuries Islamic Art occupied it’s own space because of it’s ability to link the personal with the Source. 


Our individual struggles and challenges become manageable when we channel them to God. They may not diminish or even lessen, but a solution seems all the more possible.

By raising my hands in prayer and calling out Ya Rab I hand over my worries to the Most Kind, Most Merciful and full of Majesty.

For more information on Ruh's work:


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