Monday, August 11, 2008


All things Wrist

Having had no access to 'News' for the last 6 weeks I returned to see the wrist in headlines.

I am unsure what the exact problem or issue seems to be: is the wrist a problem or is it religion? And how does one define the concept of 'jewellery'? I haven't been able to read much about this whole issue as I am still quite jetlagged after 3 flights in 24 hours and thus hoping that what I write here won't be misinterpreted. But this is a topic which really made me think, otherwise myself blogging 2 days in a row is an achievement in itself. And as readers may be aware, I seldom blog what is in the news.

I have two vague points, both related to the wrist: the first in terms of religious obligations and the second with respect to health needs.

The wrist, just like the neck is a member of the body which is accustomed to wearing religious symbols: be it the Kara for the Sikhs, the Sacred Thread for the Hindus or a Thread worn by a Muslim receiving Ruqya. Adding to the latter, in some Muslim societies it is not uncommon for individuals to wear certain precious stones on their wrists for spiritual wellbeing. And there is nothing to say that such customs won't be practised by people here - afterall we live in a global village right?

With respect to health: how would the one wearing a magnetic bracelet be perceived?

I am sure all above arguments have been well-written about during my absence. What worries me however, is the issue of spiritual wellbeing. I may lack eloquence here but I will give it a try: if we are beings with a spirit then is it not our right to look after that spirit? Would it not be detrimental to our wellbeing if we were refused to wear what we consider useful for our spiritual health?

The practise of wearing things on the wrist affects all who have decided to adopt a religious philosophy in their daily lives. So it becomes necessary for us to think what is our duty in such cases as that of the young 14 year old.

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