Sunday, October 08, 2006


Ramadan Charitables

"Spend on Me O Son of Adam, And I shall spend on you"

Hadith Qudsi 11

Here are a few causes well-worth spending for this Ramadan, when rewards are multiplied many afold...

or you may wish to select a cause from the UK Charities Directory.. where you will find everything from animal welfare projects to hospices, all of which require support:

may Allah accept our donations and keep our intentions on the right path, ameen
Assalaamu alaykum! I'm trying to post a comment on your 'Rihla Piece' entry but can't seem to. Khayr! It looks the greens :) Have you written a description/commentary for it? xxx
Walaikumslam x x x x


I confused thee (hehe)

Alhamdulila thanks Bhaji jaani x x

I am yet to write a commentary on that piece. That piece was done in July 2006 - The post itself is my 'write-up' that I promised folk ... I have yet to make my Rihla artwork ;-)


I de-activated comment as I will be Updating that post sooney x x x
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