Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Update From Camel-Land!

Ha Ha
Here we go ;-)

Salam x x x
Greetings of Peace from the depths of my heart, mind and soul. From each part of me echoes a warm salute wishing serenity upon you all!

Since the last update about 7 weeks ago alot has happened. It's amazing that the number of weeks seem so less but it feels like 7 months have passed since that time! The concept of time again eh?!


Well the long-awaited meeting took place a couple weeks ago and I got the decision last week. After 19 months of sick leave we have decided to call it a day. STOP.

I have had the most loving colleagues one could desire; who throughout this period have sent me text messages, emails, letters, cards and flowers. It is not the best of circumstances to leave work in, but then I think of the fact that it is really nobodys' fault; this is how it was written for me. Yes, I do believe that it is all written.

I need to return my work fone, and a few books which belong to one of the centres. My manager will arrange their collection and complete the formalities. I think we will be having a get-together..

We were meant to meet in this manner, work as a team, deal with the challenges given to us and then depart in this way. It was 2 years in early September since I started that post. Our professional relationship as colleagues was meant to transform into a deeper one of caring for another human being and their wellbeing; surely we entered into friendship without even realising? And now it is times for bye-byes? But the acts of kindness and words of support by my colleagues will forever be cherished by my being. And they have taught me alot about myself which I will endeavour to practise.


I had a very good spell of health from when we got back up until the first week of September.. although I had a lot of vertigo (mainly as a side-effect to the homeopathic medicine I have been taking) and alot of fluid retention in the fingers.

Doc said the fluid build-up was natural in warm climates :-/ But mine was kinda accompanied with pangs of pain. Thankfully Ginger aided me :-)

From the first week of this month up until last Friday I had a mild episode of stiffness in my right hand. But all is OK now.

I realised last week, how the limitations of these episodes are nothing to be ashamed of.. Indeed 'shame' is one of those negative feelings just like guilt which really should not be used to base our actions upon. Although each plays a part in defining the human being .. each should be used as a learning tool as opposed to a self-inflicting weapon.

It is only once we submit to our challenges in life that we are able to move forward: oh yeah - this is a blog entry in the making!

I have also managed to get a referral to the Rheumatologist late next month. Lets see if they can offer me anything better than steroids..


She is a good woman; originally from a nursing background, then went into health visiting and now a homeopath. I didn't tell you guys we had our meeting one fine July afternoon. I feel at transparency and ease with her. Furthermore she is a woman. Certain expressions of attitude we behold to are only understood by other women.

Although some modern docs have called into question the benefits of homeopathy and some have termed it the "modern form of witchcraft" - I will continue to see her. The medicine has really helped 'calm' me down: something very important when one has many decisions which need seeing to.

Oh did I mention this to you:
Someone else has actually been paying for this treatment?

People and their acts of kindness continue to put me to shame :')


Alhamdulila Wa'l Shukar Allah.
Thank Heavans!

Alot lot better now.
And it is one less thing to worry about. I could actually focus on getting myself back up on my feet rather than worry about finding myself in debt.

Now I believe that God really is The Provider.


I feel like a school-leaver all over again :-)
Yes, I do.

I feel relieved but apprehensive ¦ happy but nervous ¦ joyful but frozen.

I have so many emotions within me to deal with, all at the same time. Furthermore I have for the first time in all these months been excited about life. Yes about Life.

Life Life Life -

I am due to see the Disability Employment Advisor in the upcoming weeks.



I am trying my best to get out the house but can't seem to manage it more than twice a week: as and when is necessary for a few hours. I know, I should try to literally "get out more often" but I guess I have found it important to use my comfort-zone to reflect some things about the Rihla.

And no I haven't forgotten - I will very soon pop up the Rihla entry I promised I would!


Yes! Not long to go now.
I won't be fasting again this year.

My Ramadhan Thoughts will be up for all to partake from.

But it's really nice to come back from the Sacred and then greet the Guest.


Yeah folks - I was born this fine year.
Turning 30 after Eid is what I was dreading a week or so ago. Although I still feel like spending my day in bed I must admit I'm very calm about it after Epoppie told me I had actually turned 30 alot sooner!

..I was born in 1396 ;-)

But what does 30 tell me eh?
That I have spent thirty years on Planet Earth according to solar calculations? Or over 31 according to lunar ones?

I know what I had dreamt of having by this age. And I know I don't have that..

But what I do have is something I never ever dreamt of -
And I am glad, for I enjoy pleasant surprises :-)

erm.. this is another entry folks - after Eid!


I feel my Slate has been wiped clean for me to start all over again.

Undoubtedly I know there will be periods of gloom and darkness up ahead - but I also know that God Almighty has answered many of my doubts in these last several weeks. I know that His Promise is True.

Life will continue to give us challenges.
But these are to fine-tune us and prepare us for the next phase in this earthly existence, and not a sign that God Almighty has abandoned us.


Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam x x x

PS - do you like the new 'expandable' posties? I know, they are a bit of a mess in some places but hey gone are the days I used to use DreamWeaver and the code-know-how era! :-P

The images:
Dancing For Palestine * Al Asria folk dance performance at BM&AG 9/7/05 Courtesy of Abbas & Sara Shah / Illuminating Faith.

A Blessed Month of fasting for thee, Sister Taslim! May Allah accept all your 'ibada & Leave thee Dumbstruck in the Epiphanies & Sweetnesses of nearness to Him (Exalted Be He!)
Taslim...its the shorter Canadian Iffat...you left your blog addy in my little black book that Amanah was walking around with that night the girls got together. ...hope you're connecting a face, inshaAllah.

And you're right, its been so hard to express what the Rihla really was...finding the right words continues to be difficult.

Endless peace to you this blessed month.


Leave thee Dumbstruck in the Epiphanies & Sweetnesses of nearness to Him


Alhamdulila I could sense alot of energy in those words there Sidi :-)

Wishing you a Month of Great Openings to brother! Ameen.

Salam dear Iffat,

I'm so sorry my love, I can't remember you :-(

No face connecting I'm afraid :-(

Sis we may need to stick to email for identity verification ;-)

Peace to you too my love and hope to chat via email soon x x x x
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