Saturday, December 03, 2005


Ecstatic !!!

Yes that's how I feel :o)

Praise the Lord !!!

Alhamdulila Wa'al Shukr Allah !!!


Well why not??

Only 10% of cleaning remains x x x x x x

Dancing For Palestine * Al Asria folk dance performance at BM&AG 9/7/05 Courtesy of Abbas & Sara Shah / Illuminating Faith. I will post more pics up - in good time :-)

I was trying to comment last night but Blogger wouldn't let me! PLOO!
So, erm, yes, assalaamu alaykum! And, well done for completing 90% mashaAllah :D:D:D And, yes, Allahu Akbar!!! :D:D:D

Is that a Southern term?? First I heard of it. Or is it a 'new' in word that i have missed out due to the hibernation schedule this winter?

Walaikumslam darly - I continued yesterday too.. only few bits and pieces to sort out now. But it is really amazing how God Almighty can teach us humans through such mundane activities. Really amazing. I still cannot believe it. And the tidying up has almost expanded my room! There is so much space in here now!!!

I am hoping that in the next weeks to come I shall get cracking in some Pilates / Yoga exercises at home. Am feeling quite motivated currently. But hands do feel tired.. almost like when one goes on a trek for miles and they have a feeling of tiredness in their legs - well I feel the same but in my hands :)

Take care Ms Rainbow

Wasalam x

Eyes drooping...will comment in substance tomorrow.
Wa salaam
Hey Bhaji-Jaan


x x x x
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