Thursday, December 30, 2004


Refuge for the Nomad

Asalamalaikum to one and all -

I bring you sincere Greetings of Peace and Tranquil Salutations from the depths of my heart and soul :)

Praying that the readers of this nomadic journal are safe both in their physical realm as well as thier spiritual one. Ameen.

I did a quick Google on 'refuge' and picked the first link:
(ps - Im not supporting the links etc on this link.. just using the definitions here!)

1: a safe place;
2: something or someone turned to for assistance or security:
3: a shelter from danger or hardship
4: act of turning to for assistance

...and further continuing to say...

1. Shelter or protection from danger or distress
2. That which shelters or protects from danger, or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which protects by its strength, or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place inaccessible to an enemy

Speaking on purely spiritual terms - we come to realise that the Protector and Giver of Shelter; the One who provides the Sanctuary; Assistance and Security is no other than the Creator Himself.

The Divine.
The Lord of the Heavans.
The Lord of the Earth.
And the Lord of all that is between the two; including what it is that you are seeking 'refuge' from.

A change of direction... or perhaps not:

The artwork I intend to donate for auctioning to Sundays' EidMela fundraiser for Sudan is a piece which I called R E F U G E.

The piece shown below is the 'Verse of The Throne' or Ayat -al-Kursi which is also known as the 'Greatest verse in the Quran'. There are many virtues of this verse.

I believe all of humanitys' problems can be solved so easily that its laughable. The enemy - or rather THE ENEMY that is harrassing the Children of Adam (Alaisalam) is the devil. And from well-known narrations we are taught by the Final Prophet (Alaisalam) that the Verse of The Throne is sufficient to drive the devil from the home!

Thus my proposed solution to bring back tranquility and harmony into our spiritual, social, physical and mental spheres of life is the oft-recitation of these beautiful yet powerful words.

The artwork was also featured in the recent 'Tranquil Minds' artshow as part of the 'Celebrating Spirit' element of the show. The show aimed to look at Muslim spirituality in modern time Britain and highlighted the journey of a spirit en route to seek the Divine.

The 'Celebrating Spirit' is a state when one finds the peace and security we yearn so long and hard for. It is a state wherein ones' whole life falls 'into place'. A state where one is at complete contentment with the Creators' decree and with their focus in life.

It is also when one doesn't get 'caught up' in trivialities. Work is work, family is a blessing and friends are great pals :) Life, thus becomes simple. This simplicity takes away the 'stress' often associated with eg work etc. An individual becomes a dependent on the Creator; in realisation that in essence it is only the Creator who has the Absolute Power.

In this way, the individual admits their helplessness to the Divine and seeks refuge from the Divine. For the individual realises that it only the Divine can provide the Security. Therefore this piece of work relates to this philosophy of seeking Help from the Creator, and recognising that despite being in a state of peace; we are still in need of Security.

The green is representative of Paradise and our true belonging. It is an expression of the work I have started doing (including thinking about) regards 'The Garden'. We come to realise that this was a feature of centuries of Islamic art which were produced from Baghdad to Cordoba.


At times we wonder aimlessly through life;


We are in 'search' for something which will satisfy the spiritual emptiness many people in modern times feel succumb to. We go through our lives with all the material fulfillments and much much more; but no matter how many times you buy a new designer outfit, perfume or jewellery - theres still space for more - because you are trying to fill a 'gap' ...

No matter how high up the economic ladder you get - you will still feel you are not high enough.

So much so - that life itself becomes a burden - the burden of having to live each day; in the hope that it will get you through the next, and one-by-one; all that you have remaining here on Gods' earth.

But what we tend to fall short of is the ability to recognise.

To recognise that within each one of us is the essence of our Father Adam (Alaislam) and Mother Eve (Alaislam). And the origins of our common parents are from a place which is where real peace is to be found. It is where the real tranquility resides. An abode which is our abode - to which we rightly belong and InshaAllah (God-Willing) where will be the return.

This is why throughout lifes' little adventures (whether we have ever felt that it is a 'burden' on us or whether we have been 'spiritually unsatisfied') we hear the continuous call to our celestial abode. The Call of the Heavans follows us throughout our life, in the hope that we will listen - so that we shall find -

our refuge.

Good night & God Bless
May God Almighty bless every reader with a thousand and more angels to protect them. ameen.

Peace & Prayers

Wasalam, Duas

Hey Bint! It's Kelly. I wasn't able to get your info. Could you e-mail it to me again. Jazak allah.

Gordon Bennet, that kid's face @_@

KOWAII (Jap - scary)

Your blog is... epileptic x_x Just because you have different colours for text, doesn't mean you have to use them all!! >_<

Refuge for me is sadly watching new episodes of Naruto, Samurai Champloo and Bleach. Sometimes it would be in sajdah at the mosque... that's if my forhead hasn't stuck to something nasty on the carpet >o<
Salam :)

Risama AKA Izzy - i did email you girlfriend.. TWICE!! Whats up - I thought you got a new PC??

ahm - Gordon Bennet! ..NO! MashaAllah that babes' face!
Its BECAUSE we have different colours for text that we must use all of them! "Be fair in all matters!!"

Refuge: Dont be so negative all the time ... Sajdah (prostration) is the closest a human being can get to their Lord in this world!!
Thats better than watching episodes of anything watchable!
In fact - thats such a Great gift God Almiighty blessed us with that we should forget whats on the carpet and aim to stay in prostration as long as possible.

The Prophet Alaislam is reported to have cried so much for this Ummah (nation) in prostration that the ground around him became wet.

I think we should think a little more positive ... Refuge is a place of shelter in essence - and that comes only from the One who gives Security and Shelter Al-Mu'min (The Grantor of Security).

Wasalam, duas & start thinking positive please!
hey salams sis, is this the same Jalebi aapi from Muslim Professionals? just curious :p

Walaikumaslam Ally!


its me alright!

are you the crazy truck owner from Texas?
Anyway, hope your keeping well.. will need to pop over to your place soon :)

wasalam, love and duas xx
I thought it was you lol:)Your paintings are gorgeous mA! :fan:
Am I the crazy truck owner from texas? Who knows.. mwahaha :p

Ooh I forgot to ask, do you mind if I link you to my bloggy?

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